INDUSTRY PROS is a professional repair and maintenance company. Our specialty is fixing, repairing or replacing everything that is on your home repair list. We will show up on time, clean and prepared with all the tools needed to finish the job right, the first time!

We arrive at your home, clean and on time!

We can handle any size job from replacing smoke detectors to remodeling your kitchen

All of our professional handyman technicians are insured and fully trained for the job

We guarantee all of our work

Who will be doing the work on your home or business?

When choosing industry professional you get the right person for the job. Our professional service technicians have many skills so we try to match the pros skills for your specific job. Our team is made up of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and general contractors which means your PRO will be perfect for the job. INDUSTRY PROS will show up clean, on time and prepared to tackle any and all of your repair needs. Our professional service technicians have been through a thorough background check and have an extensive experience, to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with our service.



How we light up the places we live and work makes a big impact on how we feel. It also makes a big impact on the environment. The kind of bulbs, the kind of fixtures, the kind of power, and the habits we keep can all add up to a very significant greening. Start with the fact that a conventional incandescent bulb turns only around five to ten percent of its consumed energy into light, the rest goes out as heat. From there, there's no limit to how green your lighting can be.

Lighting is an especially accessible and rewarding thing to tackle so call INDUSTRY PROS today! We can help you with further recommendations and product installations.


Senior Citizen Discounts:

Please call INDUSTRY PROS for further details on special rates and discounts for Seniors!




What materials will I need to supply for the INDUSTRY PROS service technician?

The INDUSTRY PROS "SMART" vans are stocked with the most common items that are needed in the home repair industry. We try to stock the most common repair necessities for each trade which make for fewer trips to the local hardware center. There will be times when a specific product or material is needed or requested. in this case you have a few options;

Purchase the product or materials before your scheduled appointment.

Purchase the product or materials while our professional service technician is working at your home/business.

Arrange to meet at the local supply store where you can have our professional service technician help you to make the right choice and know that the material you purchase are right for the job.

You can leave the purchase up to our professional in knowing it's the right product for the job (however if the professional shops for you will be billed the regular hourly rate for his time)


What type of warranty or guarantee do you offer?

Our guaranty is that our professional will do their job,  to your complete satisfaction. You can trust the INDUSTRY PROS! Our professional service technicians have years of experience in the home repair industry and our backed by a name you can trust. We are active members  of the better business bureau. We offer manufacture warranties on all items we supply. The products we supply will be free of any manufactures defects at the time of installation.

Industry Pros Coupon for December

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Are you protected with INDUSTRY PROS?

We have only the most skilled employees. All of our employees are insured and bonded. They go through a thorough interviewing process including a background check screening and drug test.

What are our fees?

INDUSTRY PROS has two ways of billing:

by the hour so you only pay for the time the professional is at your home.

by the job....some jobs may be large and take multiple people so it is more economical to have a complete price bid

How to pay?

We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards

Helpful Home repair and Improvement Tips!

Air Filter Replacement & Insulation

Clean air is just as important inside the home as it is outdoors. The filters used with an heating and cooling system make a big difference in the quality of air circulating throughout the house. Choosing the right filter ­and changing it regularly ­will help your family breathe more easily. So take care of air infiltration before a warm summer or cold winter hits.

Just a call to INDUSTRY PROS helps prevent air infiltration by properly installing new filters, insulation, weather stripping, as well as door and window installation services.

Returning Rewards

Our loyal customers earn additional discounts!